On Air

Bernie Mack (3am-6am)


 Bernie Mack is a mystery………….

We don’t know where he was born… or if he  has siblings. He told us that he was the proud winner of the 2006 Heisman trophy – a fact that took 3 minutes of Googling to prove false. He also said that he was tall  

(not true) and a former 5-time winner on Jeopardy (also not true). We can  confirm he has a wife, daughter, two dogs and a pet lion (not true).  


Jase (6am-10am)


Professional napper. Secret Rom-Com lover. Radio Surgeon

 Most of my life has revolved around music. Whether it was recording fake radio shows at the age of 10, to djing events for parties. In my spare time I enjoy building blanket forts with my nephew, working on my rock and roll podcast, and people watching—especially at mini marts at 3am.

Twitter @   JaseOnAir
Facebook-  JaseOnAir 
Instagram- JaseOnAir 

Venetia (10am-12pm)


Hi I’m Venetia! My fiancé is a police officer, so that can be a little nerve  wracking sometimes, but I wouldn’t change a thing.

Together we have 2 furry  “children” that we’ve rescued. Riggins is a black lab/beagle mix and he is our oldest,  and Zora is a pitbull mix (although she doesn’t really know how to be scary, but it’s  funny to watch her try). Thanks for letting me into your workday, I hope I make it just a little more enjoyable. 

Chuck D 12pm-5pm


 Hey there, I’m Chuck D! I was born in the hills and hollers of West Virginia, but  I’ve managed to travel all over this great nation of ours (in fact, of all 50 states, there are  only two that I have yet to visit-can you guess which two?). I LOVE movies and music  (naturally) and I spend a great deal of time fawning over my lovely wife and two sons.  Now, if I could just get a few minutes alone in the bathroom from time to time, life would  be perfect! 

Hayden (5pm-10pm)


Hayden here, born and raised to be on the radio. Somewhere along the way  I lost my hair but gained a wife and two kids. They’re great, but I’m also into dogs,  bourbon, and 007. My hobbies include golf, fishing and SCUBA diving. I’m a music lover  and pop culture aficionado with a magnetic personality.

 (Or so they tell me) That’s the story. What you hear is what you get! 

Kendall (10pm-3am)


Hi, I’m Kendall. A loud laugher that loves cheese, Snapchat filters and my toy  poodle, Poe. When I’m not singing in the radio station studio, I’m drinking Moscow  Mules, fiddling around in the kitchen, rooting for the Detroit Lions and pretending to  be good at golf. Live Laugh Love is my favorite motto and I feel lucky to have a job  where I get to play at work. Thanks for listening!




Here are the basics…  Open House Party is THEE ORIGINAL Saturday night party show for hit music radio stations. It’s broadcast Saturday and Sunday nights all across North America. It’s listener interactive, with tons of listener requests, and it’s hosted by one of the most respected deejays in pop music, Kannon.



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